What Van Gogh’s Famous Self-Portrait Looks Like as a Photograph

What would a Van Gogh painting look like as a life-like image? What would Van Gogh himself look like — not as a series of impressionistic swirls, but as a common photograph? Lithuanian architect and photographer Tadao Cern wanted to find out — so he digitally recreated one of the artist’s most iconic self-portraits as a modern portrait. The result is haunting.”

Art in reverse…

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Sci-Fi is now, and it’s cheesy.

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True Words. You screwed it up, Adobe. Now, take this as a chance to do better. (via techcrunch)

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More stuff should be like this.


LG Classic TV


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Jeff Han on TED Talks (via lmf2046)

TED presentation – February, 2006 (

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Some new ASUS kit was on display at CES. Just ran across this.

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"Ultimately, the Kindle has done its job for Amazon, so it’s time to move on. E-Ink is no longer the novelty it once was, and publishers are looking to reach as many devices with their content as possible. Amazon’s recent decision to give up more Kindle revenue to publishers is a recognition of the fact that its vise grip on them is now broken."

Jon Stokes, on Why Amazon won’t launch its own tablet, but will use Apple’s

This isn’t for the Apple Device (if it in-fact exists) itself. More important than any device capable of being an e-reader is the fact that there will soon be a myriad of devices available that can consume this information, and there will be many competing platforms for loading, sharing, and commenting on the media. And those devices, based on the entities involved, will be driven by the content providers’ offerings.

What’s good about this prediction is that it acknowledges the need for general-purpose devices over dedicated ones. The kindle was about the delivery mechanism; e-ink was a method of enabling it. It’s finally coming together, and Stokes sees it.

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