Amazing work. (h/t @grynhiphop)

I love tilt-shift photography. Tilt-shift videos, by extension, are also pretty cool.

Metal Heart on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

Nice abstraction.

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This is a true, and very unfortunate, commentary on the state (or lack thereof) of intellectualism in modern society. Can you spot the helvetica?

Typography on Vimeo (via Vimeo)

For most of us, anyway.

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A cleaned-up version of the music of Prisencolinensinainciusol, by Adriano Celentano

I can’t get enough of this. I need to find an mp3 so I can just listen to it on repeat!

The best comment I’ve seen on this so far comes from YouTube user Quag7:

It’s gibberish, but it demonstrates one thing: When you have a beat that fucking savage, the lyrics just don’t matter.

I was linked here from a story which suggested a kind of novelty to this song, but the novelty of the “made up language” is beside the point. 

I just want to crank this. I expect you could make the whole globe stomp to this, language be damned.

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What would English sound like if you didn’t understand it? Fascinating and entertaining.

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